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About Draw8!

Draw8! is a multimedia library for Windows platforms (WinRT and Windows Phone 8) aiming to help devs on handling audio, graphics and input.
The engine is composed of different parts that can be loaded depending on the developper will.
For instance, you can use only Draw8.Audio, or just Draw8.Audio and Draw8.Graphics.2D, etc..

Supported platforms :
  • Windows Store apps for Windows 8.1 / RT 8.1
  • Windows Store apps for Windows 8 / RT 8
  • Windows Phone 8



Draw8.Audio is the audio tools module of Draw8!. This part of the engine allows the user to load, generate, and treat sounds simply. Draw8.Audio is using XAudio2.
  • Generate a sound manually
  • Generate usual sounds (sine wave, square wave, ...)
  • Load WAV files
  • Apply effects on sounds
  • Instanciate sounds to allow them to overlap (ex : gun sounds, ...)
  • Change sound frequency at runtime
  • Capture audio with the microphone
  • Apply filters (low-pass, ...)

Engine part available


Draw8.Graphics.2D is the part of Draw8! that help the user to display 2D graphics, treat them with filters, load awesome images and draw complex shapes.
Coming soon


Draw8.Graphics.3D allows the user to display 3D graphics, use awesome shaders on them, procedurally generate meshes, and create great environnements.
Coming soon


Draw8.Input helps the user to handle input depending on the device, from touch to keyboard.
Coming soon

Special thanks

  • DirectXTK (accessible at, for the help it provided in the WAV file importer
  • French WP/Win8 developper community, for the numerous tutorials they've provided

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